Incisive Wealth Strategies LLP



Incisive was established in 2005 by the founding partners, Andrew Jenkins and Mark Cherrill, both of whom have been advising high net worth clients on financial and investment planning for over 30 years. They have both spent a large part of their careers working for firms allied to the accountancy and legal professions, where they held senior management positions. Andrew and Mark formed Incisive Wealth Strategies LLP, to combine the provision of private client advisory work, with trying to develop enhanced investment and planning solutions for clients.


We believe that the only way to plan effectively is to seek to understand our clients goals' and desires. It is only when these are clearly understood by both the adviser and client alike that a full and complete holistic financial strategy can be put in place.



For most clients, though it depends on circumstances, we will look to hold clients' assets on a platform. A platform is a web-based management, administration, reporting and dealing system and as such it improves administration, reduces paperwork and reduces costs.

Incisive undertake platform due diligence on a regular basis to ensure the continuing suitability of any systems recommended and used.



To provide a dedicated, face-to-face, holistic financial planning service to our clients and ensure that the entire focus is on the client and that any services provided are appropriate to the individual’s circumstances and requirements.

We aim to deliver consistent and sustainable investment returns consistent with a client’s risk appetite via strategies that are based on proven principles and academic research. We believe that such an approach should be capable of generating the required returns whilst helping to control portfolio drawdowns, something that can be crucial for clients who are drawing income and capital from their investments and savings.